About Me…

For those of you who don’t know me, and may have just happened upon this page, my name is Lauren and I adore all things food.  I love everything about it. I love the aromas that permeate through an entire house after time spent in the kitchen.  I love the crowded rooms that delectable dishes fill, and the tables that they draw everyone to.  I love the smiles and full stomachs that good eats can often usher.  And most importantly, I love the memories that can be made whenever food is present.

My most fond memories are of my Nanna (grandmother), surrounded by much time spent in the kitchen.  Watching her make foods from the old country, or sitting at her dinner table and listening to the stories of her childhood…I will always cherish them.  And as I grow older, I am so grateful for the memories that I am making with my mother, now.  Her mantra that “fresh is best!” is one that I try to live by, and strive to incorporate in any meal that I prepare.  And let’s face it; almost everything tastes better when made from scratch, with the finest ingredients!  For a girl who hails from the Salinas Valley, where fresh produce and dairy is in abundance, keeping wholesome and local ingredients is a must in anything I prepare.  I try to take advantage of my locale every chance I get.

So why the blog?  I am the type of person that loves to share everything wonderful I come across.  Shoes that are comfortable AND fashionable (rare I know, so sharing is vital), books you aren’t able to put down, Nordstrom Sale finds, and more than anything else, RECIPES.  Whether they are successful Pinterest picks, favorites from the pages of my overflowing cookbook collection, or generations old family staples, I wanted to find a common place that I could share them all with family and friends.  So here they are, for you to hopefully enjoy….my favorites from The Buttered Cupboard!